What’s A Baller?

Yesterday, a new sneaker was released on the market.  This shoe brags that it has leather, gel and a unique texture.  The price for this sneaker is $495 US.  But this sneaker isn’t being released by a NBA All-Star, or an NBA Hall of Famer.  It is being released by someone who hasn’t even played a game in the NBA yet.  His father gets more attention than he does since he is acting as his son’s mouthpiece.   When responding to people feeling that this sneaker is overpriced since his son hasn’t proven anything in the NBA, he responded by saying that people who cannot afford the shoe aren’t “big ballers”. But what makes a person a baller?

To this man, a baller is someone with a bunch of money, specifically someone who can give him the money he wants.  It is a notion that will cause many to feel that being successful is based on the amount of money and material things that one has.  But this doesn’t make one a success in life.  For instance, some men have a lot of money, but don’t take care of their kids.  Some women do the same thing.  Some brag about having a nice car or jewelry, but their parents don’t have anyone to give them a ride to the doctor.

Comments like this shows what wrong with this world.  Success, or being a “big baller” isn’t measured by the car you drive, the money you have or the jewelry you have.  Most of the “big ballers” the media shows you are really broke.  They pretend to be rich and get free things from people who want to use them for marketing purposes.  True success and happiness comes from things that are not material.  Many rich, or those desiring to be rich, have problems you wouldn’t wish on your worse enemy.  Money and material things do not equal happiness.  Being a balanced person leads to happiness.

For around the same price as these sneakers are, you can go online and register your own business.  Owning your own business makes you more of a boss than owning a sneaker.  With a business, you can employ people and give them an opportunity that they may not have gotten before.  A pair of sneakers can’t get you that.  Some business owners get to work from home, so they can be home when their kids get home or take better care of their parents.  A chain or a watch can’t do that for your.  Whether or not you buy these shoes is up to you.  But please don’t buy them thinking it will make you special.  You’ll probably never meet this family, and you’ll probably never be their friends.  And most of all, don’t think that a pair of shoes will make you successful.  True success and happiness can never be measured by what you have on your body.